Core Values
Creativity at work
The passion truly shows in each of the individual designs that rely on powerful images to show the world why Ethiopia is a special place.
Eco Friendly
At each stage of the production process, Yordi’s Design always keeps in mind both the environment and human safety. Whether it’s choosing a material or packaging for the products, all roads must support these goals.

Yordi’s Design is looking to complete any work assignment with the highest effectiveness and strict quality control. Every single item is designed by the Design team and produced in their Shop.

Culture Driven
Ethiopia is packed with character. These are the scenes Yordi’s Design embrace and try to recreate on the design so they can be shared with the world.
Company Culture
Yordi’s Design believes that human is the most precious resource, and that’s why it always try to build a great working environment for the Models day by day. Each Yordi’s Design member, with his or her expertise in different fields, is always be heard and given the chance to contribute to the team, creating a high team spirit.

Yordi’s Design Nowadays

Yordi’s Design aims to produce quality products with original design inspired by Ethiopian along with the modern clothing in particular.

Their business model is quite different from other fashion brands. They like to control the whole creation and production process in order to provide the best quality products.

So far they have achieved their goal to be among the competitive design business and their products have a huge customer attention.

Media Exposure

Yordi’s Design work has caught the attention of both local and foreign radio, television, and print as well as internet media. Interviews and short clips with Ethiopian Television (ETV), ENN, EBS, JTV, CCTV.  On Radio with Zami 90.7FM, SHEGER 98.1. Magazine articles with The Eminence, Vogue Italy. And Online with Africa style.

Fashion Runway

Yordi’s design showcased at different runway events. The picture below is the 2015 Miss Tourism award at which Ethiopia’s model is wearing a design by Yordi. Yordi’s work has been showcased at different fashion runway events at the Hilton Hotel in Addis, Hub of Africa fashion, Suba lounge just to name a few.

Contact Details

Yordanos Abera          

Email Address:


Phone No: 251-930-100-539

Office: Dembel City center

P.O.Box:2896 code:1250

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia