Women in Export/Potential Employers Met Trainees in Gemstone Semi Processing

The project “Connecting 14 Young Women to the Export Market” is implemented by CAWEE, where vocational skills training is organized for the trainees for three months .The project is fully funded by World Vision Ethiopia (WVE) and the training machine were secured from the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

While this skills training is in progress, visit at the training site was organized by CAWEE, October 5, 2018, for the women owned and managed companies in Gemstone and Jewelry sector, involved in export, to meet the trainees. The women owned and managed companies who are also the potential employer companies for the 14 trainees visited the trainees on site to encourage them and also to provide them the assurance that each of the exporting companies have their social obligations in providing them full time employment.

The Executive Director of CAWEE Mrs.Nigest Haile welcomed the invited guests on behalf of herself     and the trainees. She underlined that, the training is going well so far as it is planned, where she also appreciated the commitment of the exporting companies in availing full time employment to the trainees.

Present in the visit program and in the meeting were owners and managers of 5 exporting companies: Assi’s Gallery, Ayni’s Design, Lolite Jewelry, MGHH and ABKA Leather) that have shown their commitment in employing the trainees.

During the meeting, the invited guests, i.e. the potential employers introduced themselves and each one of them delivered their remarks in encouraging the trainees to dream big an to work hard to achieve that dream. They also underlined that , each of the companies will commit themselves to provide them hands-on and on-the-job trainings to take them to the next level, to be able to up-grade their skills.


The trainees were also given the opportunity to express their feelings, where they thanked CAWEE for the opportunity to participate in this skill training, sincerely thanking WVE for the financial support that it extended to CAWEE for them to take part in the skills training and TIKA for the machines support that they are using in the training. The trainees further thanked the employing companies for the opportunity that they gave to them.

Once the visit and the meeting was finalized, the semi-processed gemstone products produced by the trainees were displayed, where it was visited by the employing companies. The exporting companies were happy in seeing the level of the performance of the trainees while visiting their products.