The Founder of Entoto Beth Artisan, Bethlehem Birhane Nominated as Women of Excellence by AWiB

Association for Women in Boldness (AWiB) is a membership association, with a vision of being a leading catalyst for Ethiopian female leaders to connect, emerge and grow together. The association seeks to unleash leadership potential through supporting women’s personal and professional development.

Since 2019, every year AWiB presents Women of Excellence (WOE) to celebrate outstanding Ethiopian women who serve their communities and country relentlessly and tirelessly. This year also, on October 20, 2019 AWiB celebrated the five prominent women nominated for the 8th Annual WOE, who not only achieved greatness but also exhibited excellence in their works.

One of the phenomenon women nominated for the WOE was Mrs. Bethlehem Birhane, Founder and CEO of Entoto Beth Artisan, also CAWEE member in the sector of Leather and Gemstone & Jewelry.