CAWEE Focuses on the Following Major Services

Training in International Trade

CAWEE provides trainings in international trade using its internationally accredited trainers.

Business Counselling Services
Business Counselling Services

The Center provides business counselling services to its members using internationally certified businesscounselors.

Organizing Trade Missions

The core mandate of CAWEE is supporting and promoting women exporters, thus in organizing trademissions expanding the export base of its members is one its services.

facilitating_access_to _finance
Facilitating Access to Finance

In supporting its members, CAWEE provides information on how best they can easily access finance from different sources, including formal banks, other funding and grant making organizations.

Facilitating Policy Dialogue Forums

CAWEE facilitates policy dialogue forums to advocate for women’s economic rights targeting the creation of a conducive business environment for women.

Conducting Action-oriented Researches

In conducting action-oriented researches, focusing on challenges affecting women in business, the Center proposes policy ideas and recommendations to policymakers

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in building the capacities of its members and for the creation of a conducive business environment for women.

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consultation and mentoring
Consultation And Mentoring

CAWEE provides continuous counseling and mentoring services, usually considered as continued and routine services to its members.

Providing Technical Skill Training for Grassroots Women

Beyond providing different kinds of support services to its members. 

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CAWEE is also involved in providing technical skills training, marketable skills to vulnerable young women in urban, semi-urban and rural areas and was able to connect them to high end domestic as well as export markets through CAWEE members involved in SMEs.

In implementing different projects, in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas across the country, the majority of the beneficiaries were vulnerable and less privileged women, young women who were victims of sexual violence, those living with HIV/AIDs, and those outcasted by their communities because of different reasons.

In the past years, working in different projects targeting different sectors, 2016-2018, CAWEE was able to economically empower 724 women, 359 women in urban areas, and 365 women in semi-urban and rural areas in the four regions of the country (Amhara, Oromia, Tigray & Southern Regions) including as well Addis Ababa.

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