Our Members

CAWEE has 78 members, where those member companies are operating in six different sectors at different levels, as existing, potential and emerging exporters. While more than 85% of the members are involved in export, the rest are striving to prepare their companies for export. Those six sectors members are involved in are

Women involved in the agricultural sector operating in different sub-sectors, are among the targets,which includes: Coffee (green/roasted/ground coffee), Food (gluten free and enriched foods), Spices,Honey, Milk & Milk Products, Horticulture Products (flowers & vegetables)

Women involved in the textiles/garment/hand-weaving sector are among the targets. Membercompanies involved in this sector are involved in different product lines, mainly producing: Home(curtains, bed throws, cushions, etc.) and fashion accessories (scarves, etc.); Polo shirts, jagging suits,blankets; School and hotel uniforms; Carpets and tapestry, etc.

Women involved in the leather sector are also among the targets. Member companies involved in thissector are involved in different product lines, mainly producing: Fashion accessories (bags, wallets,purses, wallets, etc.) and Leather garment (jackets for women, Men & children, skirts, dresses, etc.).

Women involved in the gemstones and Jewellery sector are among the targets. Member companiesinvolved in this sector are involved in different product lines, mainly producing: jewelry using semi-processed gemstones and producing Jewellery using scrap metals.

Furniture manufacturing is as well one of the target sectors. The member company in this sector isinvolved in different product lines, mainly producing: Producing Home, Office, Hotel, & Hospital,Education & Institution Furniture, and Producing Foam & Mattresses.

Women involved in the services sector is the other target given focus. Member companies involved inthis sector are involved in providing different kinds of services, the major ones include: Tourism,Printing, Travel and Events, Consultancy & Trainings (Human Resources, Transformational Leadership,Law & Attorney, Architectural & Engineering Services, etc.), Eye Clinic and Optical services, AgrifoodLaboratory Services and Interior Design.