Established in 2004, Next Fashion Design College is an institution working in the field of fashion design, being the first private fashion design school in Ethiopia.Being a leading pioneer institution, the College was recognized and registered as a Training College by Addis Ababa Education Bureau in 2006.
Next Fashion Design College has three branches in prime locations within Addis Ababa at: Bole, Mexico and Piassa, striving hard in producing capable and qualified fashion designers. The College plays dynamic role in the promotion of Ethiopian culture, using handwoven Ethiopian fabric, producing outfits using contemporary and modern design touches.

The Owner & Manager of Next Fashion Design College, Mrs. Sara Mohamed

In promoting Ethiopian cultural clothes and its modern outfits, the college organizes national fashion shows, where it also takes part in international fashion fairs, wherein the past years; the college has participated in fashion fairs in France, Germany, Switzerland, Washington DC and other countries.

From the support that the College received from the Embassy of India to Ethiopia, the Indian student exchange program, 30 young fashion designers that were graduates of the college were able to study in one of the Fashion institutes in India.

Majority of those women, that were part of the scholarship training are now one of the most successful women in the country, where they are creating job opportunities for other young graduates in the industry.

Being socially responsible, the college is involved in supporting humanitarian causes since its establishment, where it was providing scholarships to the needy ones. In 2014, Next Fashion Design college hosted over 1,300 deported Ethiopian women (per day) from Saudi Arabia for 13 days, providing them food and shelter. From those deported women, 75 of them were granted scholarships, where currently they all are working in different garment and textile companies in Addis Ababa, where they are able to generate income, sustain their lives and the lives of their families. In 2015, Next Fashion Design College together with Enterprise Partners, took 310 vulnerable women, trained them and all were able to get employed.

Next Fashion Design College Awardees

Next Design College so far was able to successfully train over 2,000 students, making it the highest number of students to graduate from a private college in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Next Fashion Design College closely works with international institutions and fashion schools, to be able to provide latest and quality standard trainings to its students.

In the next five years, the goal of the College is to change its status to a University to provide a four-yearbachelor’sdegree program. As part of its expansion plan, the Collegeexpects to increase the number of its employees, both academic and administrative staff, creating more job opportunities within the company.

Bole Branch located around Bole Delediy

T.K Building 2nd floor

Telephone number: +251 912142072

Piassa Branch located around Churchill Road

Piassa Commercial Center 4th floor

Telephone number: +251 935343434

Mexico Branch located near to K.K building

Imen Commercial Center 7th floor

Telephone number: +251 910322347

+251 985202000

+251 911674634

Website: www.nextfashiondesignc…