Lila Products has been legally incorporated by the responsible government agency as Lila Products in 2014. The company is a social enterprise that strives to empower low income households of its community through training, skill transfer and providing job opportunities in its business operations. Lila products started its operations in developing creative jewelry and rugs from paper, clay and bullet casings. The company has 10 employees; 7 female and 3 male employees. Over the past 4 years its products have been sold both locally and internationally (e.g. USA & Canada), gaining growing popularity.


               Bracelet and Semi-processed Jewelry of Lila Products

Lila Products aspires and works to make a difference in the lives of artisan and their community while producing quality products.

                         Women Employees while Producing Jewelries
Lila Products have a line of original products and wants to develop a line that is unique and new to the market so that customers would feel the excitement of every new design.Lila Products sell paper, clay and bullet casings necklaces, bracelets and earrings, harnessing the skills of the women and allowing them to tie in their own creativity and unique culture.


                                   Jewelry Collection of Lila Products


Lila Products is broadly categorized as a handicraft industry.  Handicrafts refer to products made by hand, with the help of simple tools instead of machines. Handicrafts are artistic representation of a particular culture or ethnic tradition. Handicraft products include objects of utility and decoration.


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