Kenticha Gemstone Lapidary and Export Plc was established by the current owner Addis Hailu in June 2018.

Kenticha is a young company which specializes on supplying semi-processed gemstones and hand crafted jewelry pieces, using local materials targeting the local and international markets.

Being socially respo0nsibler, Kenticha Gemstone Lapidary and Export Plc supports physically handicapped young women through the provision skills training and providing them full time employment opportunities. Kenticha this time has 4 permanent employees, all of them young women with disabilities.


To be one of the leading companies in the gemstone market by providing enhanced services and also empowering women in leadership.


To provide quality products that exceeds the expectation of customers and also creating a better working environment for women.

Products: Semi-prepossessed gemstones and Handmade Jewelry


Addis Hailu


Tel: +2519 12 90 24 28

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