High Level Seminar on Migration

Migration has emerged as a central theme on the international policy agenda over the past decade. In response to these worrying trends, Morocco has adopted a distinguished, balanced and humanist policy towards Sub-Saharan migration. This policy is based on Morocco’s commitment to cooperate on illegal migration with Southern Mediterranean countries, and the preservation of the relations with African countries from which a great majority of migration candidates originate.


This High Level Seminar on Migration was organized in Rabat, Morocco, November 02, 2018, by the OCP Policy Center, which is a Morocco Think Tank whose mission is to contribute to knowledge sharing and to enrich reflections on key economic and international relations and issues.


Seventy (70) participants took part at the this High Level Seminar, participants coming from different countries: from the different parts of Africa, North America, the Middle East and Europe, where the majority of the participants (35%) were from the different parts of Europe.  Participants from Morocco were also in attendance.

To make a synergy, involving non-state actors, the civil society, was considered crucial and that was why, the Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE) was invited to take part in this High Level Seminar on Migration.

 In the four panels that took place during the High Level Seminar, there were 27 speakers, where one of the speakers was the Executive Director of CAWEE, where the Director spoke on the theme, “Economic Empowerment of Women for Migration Prevention”.