Ethiopian Women in Coffee Ready to Export to Denmark

In a meeting that was held on February 19, 2019 at the Embassy of Denmark, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, women in coffee, who were part of the trade mission in Denmark in May 2018, had a meeting with Impact Roasters, Danish coffee roasting company that is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company represented by Mr. Daniel Halala, owner of the company. From the Embassy of Denmark present in the meeting was Mr. Petter Fjeldgaard, Advisor of Green Economy and Trade.

Ethiopian women in coffee present at the meeting were:Mrs. Dehab Mesfin owner & manager of Diamond Coffee, Mrs. Bezuayehu Shone owner & manager of Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation, Mrs. Muna Fejruowner & manager of MIM Agrchem and Mr. Berhanu Seyfe representative from Primrose.

The discussion at the meeting was very instrumental for the women in coffee to hear more from Mr. Daniel on the quality of their coffee, where Mr. Daniel explained the results of the coffee cupping that Impact Roasters did in Copenhagen, mentioning that, the results of the cupping were excellent and outstanding scores.

It was mentioned during the discussion that, Impact Rosters has contacted supermarkets in Copenhagen (Meny and Coop Denmark)  and had preliminary discussions with those supermarkets to sell its roasted coffee, where the response was positive and that, this time, Impact Roasters is preparing itself in opening its additional rostery, big in size, with a potential capacity to buy about 30 containers of green coffee from Ethiopia every year(planning to be the major supplier of Ethiopian green coffee as well as roasted coffee beyond Denmark, covering the Scandinavian countries), which indeed is a huge market potential.

The meeting came out with a concrete result that, Impact Roasters has shown interest to buy green bean coffee from the women in coffee to start this business partnership, to buy one container from the four companies, to start with.

Mr. Petter, Advisor of Green Economy and Trade,  at the Embassy of Denmark in Addis Ababa mentioned that, the Embassy will do all its level best in supporting the great start of this business partnership, in providing different support services, like: promoting this collaboration through the Embassy’s social media and further explore opportunities in organizing visits and conferences.

The meeting was concluded with remarks where,The Women in Coffee appreciated CAWEE for its continued support and in facilitating the meeting, thanking also the Embassy of Denmark in hosting the meeting and for its promises in further supporting the business partnership that just started with Impact Roasters.

The women further thanked Mr. Daniel, Impact Roasters, for its willingness to start buying their green coffee, which they mentioned are glad for the start of this new business linkage.