Entoto Beth Artisan (EBA) is a guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization established in 2012 as a jeweler manufacturing social business that has the main objectives of training as well as employing HIV+ women to restore their dignity to lead their livelihoods properly.

To achieve its far-reaching objectives, it has expanded its line of business to more labor-intensive ones, Leather Goods and Garments and Hand-Woven “Shemma” Cloth productions. Due to the expansion of the projects to the aforementioned labor-intensive line of businesses, the company recently created permanent job opportunities for about 250 women employees. Among the 250 employees, 25 women living with HIV/AIDs were recruited by Entoto Bete Artisan and were provided technical skills training in hand weaving. These trainees are employed by EBA since April 2019 and this time producing different kinds of hand-woven products for the local as well as export markets.

Moreover, to realize its objectives, EBA is having display corners and sales outlets in the Bole International Air Port, Hilton Hotel, and its own gallery in Bole, Addis Ababa. It is also under process to open an additional selling outlet in Sky Light International Hotel, Addis Ababa. Along with its manufacturing social businesses, EBA has been creating a sustainable market and provided job opportunities for plenty of raw material and in-put suppliers in the countryside.

In general, EBA being socially responsible is spearheading to do its level best in responding to some of the societal problems especially the double discrimination on women, particularly those women living with HIV/AIDs, through the provision of skills training, empowering and employing those women, being role model to others in following its footsteps.

Women Weavers of Entoto Beth Artisan



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