CAWEE's Executive Director Received Award in Bamako​

Chosen and invited by Forum de Bamako, the Executive Dire tor of CAWEE received award, in recognition her contributions to the economic empowerment of African women, in Bamako Mail, on May 21, 2021.


Nigest received the award from the Former Prime Minister of Mali.

In receiving the award, Nigest had the opportunity to address the audience, thanking the organizers, where she highlighted the need to dedicate special forum for women at the Forum de Bamako.
Following her appeal, the organizers announced that, the 2022 Forum de Bamako will purely focus on women.

Nigest with the Forum Officials, the President (left) and Vice President (right)

Nigest at Bamako
Nigest at Bamako

             Nigest with Other Awardees Joined by the

           High Level Officials of the Forum

        Awardees & Core Organizing Team at the Presidential Palace

Once the forum was over, Awardees and the core organizing team had brief meeting with the President of Mali at his palace, where Nigest also took part.

Meeting the President of Mali at His Palace