A leading global reputation-management firm has released the 2020 list of 100 Most Reputable Africans and the Leading African PR & Rating firm, Avance Media has announced its second annual publication on Africa’s most prominent women dubbed the 2020, 100 Most Influential African Women.

The 100 Most Reputable Africans list features 47 women and 53 men from diverse sectors including; Leadership, Entertainment, Advocacy, Education, and Business. The selection criteria were: Integrity, Visibility, and Impact.

Among the very prominent personalities featured in the list, it includes: Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed joined by many more great Africans one of which is CAWEE’S member, owner, and CEO of SoleRebels and Garden of Coffee, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu.

On another story, the 100 Most Influential African Women list which has a representation of the most powerful African women from 34 countries were chosen from various career backgrounds including diplomacy, politics, activism, entrepreneurship, business leadership, and entertainment. The list focused on women who are leading various initiatives across the continent and seeks to present them as role models for the younger generation.

Among all the great and influential women in Africa, the list included the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia her Excellency Mrs. Sahlework Zewde, and also CAWEE’s member Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu. They were selected because of their incredible achievements as women and they deserve high recommendations among other female trailblazers in Africa.

Criteria for selection included: Excellence in Leadership & Performance, Personal Accomplishments, Commitment to Sharing Knowledge, Breaking the Status Quo, and being an accomplished African Woman.

From humble beginnings, Bethlehem has built SoleRebels into the planet’s fastest-growing African footwear brand. She has created world-class jobs, empowered her community and country while presenting a dynamic face of African creativity to the global market.

Growing up Bethlehem saw that Ethiopia had plenty of things the world needed to see and immersing into her community’s and of Ethiopia’s rich in artistry wealth and artifacts in early 2005, Bethlehem founded the footwear company SoleRebels to provide job opportunities for the community. SoleRebels is the planets fastest-growing African footwear brand, the world’s first and only World Fair Trade Federation [WFTO] FAIRTRADE certified Footwear Company, and the very 1stglobal footwear brand to ever emerge from a developing nation!

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu CEO of SoleRebels

Known as the eCommerce giant of the African continent, Bethlehem took SoleRebels eCommerce engagement to the next level. Moving beyond the groundbreaking online retail partnerships she forged years back with the planets eCommerce world-renowned  Amazon, Endless, Javari, Amazon UK, and the EU’s #1 online footwear retailer, Bethlehem led the launch of SoleRebels, fully eCommerce:

Now hailed as the Nike of Africa SoleRebels emerges as the first African brand to become an international job creation facility with its international stores known to create over 600 jobs in the countries, Bethlehem is proud that SoleRebels stands as a living proof that creating innovative world-class brands is the best road to greater shared prosperity for developing nations like Ethiopia.

Bethlehem also is revolutionizing another beloved Ethiopian gift to the world, COFFEE; via her brand Garden of Coffee which launched in July 2016. Garden of Coffee is being hailed as A Love Letter to Ethiopian Coffee Culture.

Garden of Coffee is the antithesis of factory roasting. The company sources ​the finest ​beans from across Ethiopia and these are then re-selected by its team of the world’s finest artisan hand roasters. The company roasts its coffee with the greatest of care in the same manner that’s been perfected here in Ethiopia for millennia – by hand, watching, smelling, and hearing every single ​​bean roast. It’s a magical process that ​allows us to bring out the absolute finest qualities from each bean.

Bethlehem represents the leading edge of a new generation of homegrown African leaders, talented entrepreneurs who are taking on the global market and winning on an unprecedented level. She gives face and voice to what grassroots African-driven female economic leadership looks like, as she continues to elevate her nation, her continent, and her company, all KEYS to creating more prosperity across Africa and beyond!