Yefikir Design is a fashion design company established in 2009 with a much bigger dream in mind than just to design but to be an integrated part of the society. Yefikir Design is founded and managed by an internationally recognized award winning Ethiopian fashion designer Fikirte Addis. Yefikir Design not only aims at providing its clients with the latest and modern designs in Ethiopian fashion, but also as a humanitarian force using its art to give back to its community. Yefikir Designs aspires to portray Ethiopia’s rich cultural heritage into modern and contemporary clothing on a global scale.

Using the first years after launching to learn about the industry and grow amidst the obstacles of a new business venture, Yefikir Design has now created an infrastructure with a trusted supply chain and a reliable production system and not to mention progressed as a recognized designer in the fashion industry both locally as well as globally.

Ethiopian fabrics are well known for their sophistication, colorfulness and uniqueness. Yefikir Design is mainly known for turning these fabrics into tailor-made and fashionable designs without losing its cultural touch for the modern day women. The main fabrics used in all designs are handmade cotton and the designs are thought to give comfort with style.

Fikirte gets her inspiration from the Ethiopian culture and vibrant environment to reflect the everyday life of the people. She designs from casual to wedding dresses mainly for women. Yefikir has been advocating for child labor free products and also working now together with the Fashion Designers Association and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to establish a safe thread certification.

Yefikir Design works with hand woven Ethiopian textiles that are abundantly and richly produced within the country and the company uses natural materials sourced from Ethiopia; using natural dye, hand crochet patterns and hand embroidery fabrics with a modern touch and unique designs.

Yefikir Design as a corporate is an umbrella of a system, trying to achieve the whole value chain specialized dyeing fabrics, garment, handmade designs and handmade fabrics of Ethiopian culture who believes in outsourcing and working together that can build a strong supply chain.

Yefikir Design has been bestowed numerous awards and has showcased various designs on different platforms around the world.

With an echo-friendly approach and the desire to contribute to the community by providing opportunities to its employees, Yefikir Design is now refocusing its production system to create financial benefits to its employees while sustaining its business.


Fikirte Addis



Phone: +251 911 21 04 78

  +251 930 03 51 09

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia