Sonia-K Lingerie is a relatively new company in Ethiopia that manufactures full line of underclothing such as: women’s panties, bra and sleepwear targeting the domestic and international markets in developing its brand name.

Ethiopia is endowed with its natural resources of organic cotton but does not seem to produce quality cotton undergarment. As a result, thousands of people prefer to buy imports despite its relative higher cost or being unhealthy. It is very common to see many shops carrying imported products. However, it is very hard to buy high quality underwear made in Ethiopia without spending a fortune on import products.

Sonia-K Lingerie is a company where discerning consumers can purchase locally made quality, comfortable and sanitary undergarment without compromising quality or spending the extremely high price on imports. Sonia-K Lingerie offers quality women underwear for middle class and lower income people not just affluent individuals.

Sonia-K Lingerie’s Bra Collections

Although there are imported alternatives to the products, one of the best up-and coming Ethiopian designers, Sonia-K Lingerie offers amazing combination of advantages that is rivaled by no other manufacturer in the country. What differentiate Sonia-K Lingerie from others is, by offering a unique design, quality Ethiopian cotton or imported lace products made with the highest standards to compete with imported products but without the very high price tag.

Sonia-K Lingerie products are more exciting, less “run-of-the-mill”, versatile, and more suitably "urban" fare than its direct and nearby competitors. Sonia-K Lingerie intends to differentiate itself by marketing strategies, quality and high brand awareness of the new, exciting as well as the most sanitary conscious products.

Sonia-K Lingerie’s Rob Products

Sonia-K Lingerie launched its new manufacturing company creating an employment opportunity for 5 women in Ethiopia producing affordable and high-quality underwear made out of premium quality Ethiopian cotton as well as good quality imported materials such as lace.

The company is one of the pioneers in locally manufacturing high quality underwear product lines with unique designs that are modern, versatile and more exciting targeting lower and middle-income Ethiopian girls and women who otherwise could not afford to enjoy one of the very basic goods in their daily lives. The simple designs of its products appeal to women of all ages.

Currently, Sonia-K Lingerie has the facilities and capacity to produce panties, bras, sleepwear, robes and chemises for women. However, the company's future plans include expanding to manufacturing swimwear and other basic pull over clothing such as pool cover-ups. The Company’s future plan also includes expanding Sonia-K Lingerie target market by producing affordable men’s product lines such as underwear and singlet tops to capture more consumers.

Sonia-K Lingerie’s Sleepwear Collections


Sania Ahmed H. - Manager

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