Negist Ethiopia produces and exports hand-woven textiles in Ethiopia, bridging the traditional and modern worlds with a unique approach to Ethiopian designs and fabrics. The company makes the highest quality woven fabrics incorporating creative designs and colors. Negist Ethiopia work with talented weavers, embroiderers, cotton spinners and dyers that make beautiful and contemporary products stemming from age-old traditions.

The company has grown from 3 employees to 57 permanent staff. There are about 146 weavers and embroiderers that are working under contract with the company throughout the year.

Many of Negist Ethiopia products are made in collaboration with cooperatives such as the BezaLeHiwot and Wogen Aden Associations which support women from families affected by AIDS by training skills such as embroidery and sewing.

There are a group of 112 women that are skilled in embroidery, weaving and sewing in a town 200 kms from the capital called Zewai that Negist Ethiopia is sub-contracting for export orders.

The company currently exports to several high-end department stores, boutiques, and shops worldwide. Negist Ethiopia believes in selling products that are made through fair employment and under healthy working conditions. The company creates fresh and contemporary pieces with dual aim of preserving the country’s long history of weaving, while infusing the tradition with new inspirations. Each product is hand woven, dyed and embroidered by skill artisans, ensuring integrity, beauty and uniqueness.


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