The story of Little Gabies began in 2013 with the personal quest of the owner and manager of the company, for the perfect blanket for her first-born. Returning to something so familiar and personal - the traditional Ethiopian Gabi, Mrs. Amelsa Yazew was able to create something that embodied the very same loving and warm tradition that she was raised in and creating a product with a distinctive and unique touch suited for the joy and light hearted fun that babies represent.

Countless hours of work, collaboration with many skilledartisans, craftspeople and testing gave birth to a unique line of baby blanketsthat Little Gabies now shares. Each fiber and thread represents a true labor oflove. The rich and uniquely spun threads breathe life into those beautifulblankets. The company’s skilled spinners, weavers, and embroiders work toensure the same level of quality with each and every Gabi. Every single productis a uniquely designed blanket with a distinctive story.

The hand spinning and weaving is an intricate and skillful process that results in luxuriously textured two layers of fabric,stitched together to create the perfect material for baby’s delicate skin. The weaving results in Gabies that are both warm and breathable, making it the ideal blanket for all seasons.

Every Little Gabiis a product of an Ethiopian tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. For as long as history remembers, women and men have mastered the art of spinning cotton by hand, weaving to produce traditional scarves, Gabies and attire while incorporating intricate embroidering to add adistinctive look to finished products. Little Gabies is proud in preserving Ethiopian beautiful culture.

Little Gabies strives to share a piece of the warmth that each and every household in Ethiopia have experienced for generations. In making the finest blankets, the company also strives to protect the environment and ensure the well-being of its skilled craftswomen and men.
The company is committed to maintaining a pesticide-free environment by sourcing its cotton from small-scale organic and traditional farmers. Little Gabies priority as a company is supporting and nurturing its staff and ensuring a safe, fair, and sustainable work environment. The team of Little Gabies includes weavers,spinners and embroiders collaboratively working to make those unique baby blankets.


Amelsa Yazew
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