The project “Connecting 14 Women to the Export Market”
which was implemented by the Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE) through the generous supports that were secured from World Vision Ethiopia and the Turkish Cooperation & Coordination Agency (TIKA), had successfully completed the skills training in Gemstone semi-processing,

During the three months duration of the training, August 1st  - October 31st  2019, trainees were able to acquire the basic skills and knowledge, where CAWEE partnering with EDC the Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC), those trainees where able to acquire basic knowledge in entrepreneurship development and life skills.

Through the employment opportunity that CAWEE facilitated, all trainees got employed within the different CAWEE member companies (Kabana Leather, Ayni’s Design, ABKA Jewelry and MGHH) that are socially responsible.

Beyond CAWEE member companies, two socially responsible companies involved in the production of Jewellery (Heluya Gems Trading and Del Commercial) also provided full time employment opportunities for four of the trainees, where this time those young women are generating their own income and have started supporting their families.

The Four Gemstone Semi-processing Trainees Employed at Kabana Leather with Ms. Semehal, Owner & Manager of Kabana Leather (Middle)

Those employed at Kabana Leather were lucky in getting skills training in the production of leather goods (fashion accessories), which is the main product line of the company.

The Young Women at Kabana Leather Getting Trained in Leather Goods Production

One of the vulnerable trainees, Ms. Addis Hailu, who attended the Gemstone semi processing skill training , which was given for three months, has now opened her own Gemstone exporting company, Kenticha Gemstone Lapidary and Export PLC , where she has now become financially independent and is able to generate her own income now supporting her family. 

Ms. Addis Hailu, Working in Her Own Company, Kenticha Gemstone Lapidary and Export PLC