Republic of Leather is on a mission to deliver the most incredible bespoke leather wear experience to its amazing customers. The company creates bespoke leather wear with the very same luxury leathers that the finest LUXURY brands use, crafting its goods ONLY for its customers and delivers that door to door anywhere on the planet at the most phenomenal prices!

At Republic of Leather, with its leather experts, skilled leather artisans and tailors, it is situated at the source for luxury leather - Ethiopia. This means, the company has direct access to the most fantastic leathers on the planet – in fact the very same luxury leathers that the TOP fashion houses use to craft their wares. The company’s leathers are free range and works directly with the craftspeople who make these exquisite leathers. Republic of Leather sources and selects these leathers at prices and quality levels that no one else can.

The first idea behind the name is that Ethiopia has for centuries been the SOURCE of the leathers used by the top luxury brands and fashion houses to craft their high end leather articles. So quite literally, Ethiopia has been a Republic of Leather itself. The name Republic of Leather pays homage to that idea!

And the second idea was to create a company and brand that does what all great Republics do -- puts POWER & VALUE DIRECTLY BACK into people’s hands.

For the owner and manager, Bethlehem Tilahun, it’s no secret that she loves leather. After all she has spent the past several years creating the planet’s fastest growing African originated global footwear brand - soleRebels.


Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu

Founder & CEO, Republic of Leather

Tel: +251 911 11 08 48

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