Msgana ​shoe established in 2006 is an enterprise manufacturing handmade shoes.  Msgana shoe has a capacity to produce 100 pairs of sandals or 60 pair of cover shoes a day. The company offers handmade leather sandals and shoes. 

The need for quality genuine leather shoes and sandals has made Msgana Shoe bring a reliable solution. The input materials used for the production of shoes is all available Ethiopia. ​


Msgana shoe is a family–owned business with great potential and room for expansion. The company at present has employed 3 family members and 30 workers,  where 95% of the employees are young women.

Currently 15 shops within Addis Ababaare selling Msgana shoe. There are also other occasional points of sale such asexhibitions and markets. The company sells approximately 2,000 pairs of shoes permonth, distributed in Addis Ababa fashion shops and super markets and stores.

Msgana shoe has started exporting its product to Ireland


Mesgana Gebregziabeher

Tel: +251 910 31 99 01

P.O.Box: 43345