Lidia Leather Crafts was established in 2013 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Lidia Million. Lidia entered the design and manufacturing business upon her graduation from Zewditu Fashion Design Institute. In addition to her handbags, Lidia also produces wallets and belts as well. Men's leather jackets are also tailor-made upon request. For the first eight months, Lidia Leather Crafts operated out of a private residence, where she trained her new employees and engaged in the cutting and sewing processes. She has since relocated to Megenagan, the site of her manufacturing, with a shop in Hayhulet area within Addis Ababa, on the first floor of Lex Plaza.

Five months into the start of her business, Lidia started exporting her leather products to USA and Israel.Lidia Leather will now be increasing its presence in the US market through its shop at a local mall in Portland, Oregon. In the near future, Lidia Leather Crafts will also be serving as a supplier of leather goods for a shopping mall (Date Shopping Mall) in Kampala, Uganda.

Lidia Leather Crafts currently employs 6 full time employees, 5 females and one male, and avails itself to other employees on a temporary basis when the need arises. The company is in the process of training and employing ten young women. Thus far the managerial role has been assumed solely by Lidia. However, supervisors are added when new projects that require additional attention is undertaken.

In addition, three women with disabilities are currently employed through Lidia Leather Crafts. The initiative to involve these women was started through Lidia’s experience with one of them who worked around her residential area. After noticing her work discipline and productivity in producing the goods, Lidia included the woman in her ongoing training. The three women currently provide their service by processing the scrap material from Lidia’s production and make additional products such as coin purse, cell phone holders and key holders. Upon completion, they sell their finished products back to Lidia to be sold at her store. Lidia is planning to train and include more women with disabilities in the manufacturing cycle of her business. Furthermore, she aspires to improve her financial capability and produce sandals for the export market.

The accessories used for the belts, wallets and handbags are sourced from both local and international suppliers. While the company buys its leather from retailers in Meracato, the biggest market in Africa based in Addis Ababa, as well as some tanneries, the company sources zippers, linings, etc.


Lidia Million

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