Leather EXOTICA was established in 2010, by the owner and designer, Ms.Meron Seid in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From its inception, the company intended todeliver top quality leather products to the local and international markets. Currently Leather EXOTICA is mainly engaged in designing, manufacturing and distributing leather products of different types to the local market as well as international market.

In an effort to promote its products, the company has participated in different bazaars, fashion shows & trade fairs such as "Origin Africa 2014 in Nairobi” and the International Textile Fair in Dubai, UAE in 2015.

Leather EXOTICA supplies a wide array of products including leather bags, both for business and fashion wear, leather accessories like wallets and pouches and leather wear products. The company has a production capacity of 25 pouches per day, in addition to 2 travel bags per day. Leather EXOTICA currently employs 10 full time workers, out of which 5 are female. The owner, Meron, also serves as the manager of the business. In terms of fulfilling its social responsibilities, Leather EXOTICA has offered internships for students and graduates from vocational schools and also organizes periodic training's to enhance the skills and capacity of its current staff.

Though the company first started with a focus on the fashion savvy consumer in Addis, it has broadened its target to include foreigners and tourists in the city as well as catering to the export market abroad. So far, Leather EXOTICA has sent its product samples to interested buyers and potential clients in Switzerland,Turkey, Japan, Norway, Grmany, USA, Italy & UAE. Leather EXOTICA intends to establish itself more in the export market and generate hard currency revenue for the country. On March 2015, the owner and manager Meron won the “2015 UNDP Young Female Entrepreneurship Award Ethiopia”, at an event where the Ethiopian Prime Minister was present.


Meron Seid

Tel: +251 911 122 108

E-mail: design@leethiopia.com ; exoticamer@gmail.com

Facebook: Leather Exotica

Website: www.leethiopia.com