Partnering with other concerned NGOs Bezuayheu Shone Coffee Plantation (BSCP) organized over 120 disadvantaged women for income generating scheme in production of honey by facilitating training in beekeeping, supply them with the needed tools and hired an expert for follow up and at harvest, BSCP ensures  premium price for their product.   

Encouraged with initial success, plans are underway to double participants’ number and install ground mill station which spare them from traveling 15km one way and help boost their economy.

*BSCP motto is “growing together” with our community hence collaborate with other organizations on community development, like farm training, income generating scheme, education and health.

BSCP built Kela Gabissa Elementry school and support teachers and students with learning materials. Today over 600 students in attendance specially increasing number in female students since they no more need to walk 15km one-way to the alternate nearest school.


Bezuayheu Shone Coffee Plantation Plc,

P.O.Box 6896 Adiss Ababa, Ethiopia


Tel: +251 0911212265, 0917808482