MGHH was first conceived by the idea of helping physically challenged young women, empowering them with the required skills so that they get constant, reliable and secured monthly payment for a job well done. The ambition to help the physically challenged young women arose from the Founder and Director of the company Mrs. Haregewoin Haile, as she spent most of her life living around a community where lots of women were stigmatized for the various disabilities they have.

On the year 2017, the company started off by providing technical skills training to two young women, to be able to produce exotic jewelry and hiring them as its first permanent employees. This time MGHH, continuing being socially responsible, has five employees, vulnerable young women with disabilities. The company has its plan in expanding and diversifying its product lines.

With the ultimate purpose of expanding its exporting value added jewelry products, using semi-processed gemstones, with the major aim of supporting the community in creating employment opportunities to young women with disabilities, MGHH also plans in diversifying its product lines.

In its plan to train thirty (30) more young women with disabilities and creating employment opportunities to those trained young women, the company is targeting the export market, where it is striving to work towards producing quality products meeting the expectations of the export market.


MGHH, targeting the export market has sent its sample products to different potential buyers, where its major potential buyers are from Canada. In promoting its high end domestic market, MGHH also sells its products within Addis Ababa in its own gallery, based at a prime place around Sarbet, Addis Ababa.

Being a very young company in the business, MGHH, has two young women employees.

On its production capacity, MGHH this time has a the capacity of producing eight hundred (800) pieces of semi-processed gemstones and a capacity of producing one thousand eighty (1,080) pieces of complete Jewelry.

Haregewoin Haile

Tel: +251 911 13 74 69