Lolite Jewelry & Gemstones Trade & Export Plc was established by the owners Blen Yenealem and Yenealem Getachew in October 2015. Lolite Jewelry & Gemstones Trade & Export Plc is a growing company which specializes in the sale of Ethiopian opals and other gemstones to local and international markets.

Jewelry Set of Lolite Gems

The company works with a number of local miners, medium and micro business operators in Baherdar, Amhara Region, one of the Regional towns of Ethiopia, which is highly endowed with the natural resources of varieties of precious stones.

The company is able to present high quality opals and other gems to the international market at most competitive prices, where it has also worked on adding value to the semi-processed gemstones in producing jewellery.

Lolite Jewelry & Gemstones Trade & Export Plc is planning to establish wide networks across the world including America and China; the owner and the staff are doing all their level best to increase their and their producers professional skills, in meeting the requirements of the highly competitive international market.

Jewelry Collections of Lolite Gems

Lolite Jewelry & Gemstones Trade & Export Plc specializes in the sales of different opal products which are originally from Ethiopia. Through time, the company has a plan to design different jewelries like rings, bracelets and many more. The available variety of the gemstones and its existing jewelry designs makes the company the best choice in the market.

Being a very young company in the business, Lolite Jewelry & Gemstones Trade & Export Plc, has two young women employees.

Lolite Jewelry & Gemstones Trade & Export Plc is mainly known for the production and value addition of the newly found opal from Wello, Amhara Region of Ethiopia.


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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia