With the generous support that the Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE) secured from World Vision Ethiopia, it has started implementing the project “Connecting Fourteen (14) Young Women to the Export Market”.

This project has started getting implemented through the provision of technical skills training in Gemstones Semi-processing, targeting fourteen (14) vulnerable young women (10 sexually violated, 2 with disabilities & 2 the poorest of the poor).

Trainees during the Skills Training

The training started on August 01, 2018, organized for three months, trainees will be able to acquire both the technical skills in semi-processing gemstones and also acquiring knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship development and life skills.

CAWEE has already secured employment opportunities to all the fourteen trainees, once the training gets completed, they all will have full employment opportunities. Seven exporting companies, all of them women owned and managed companies involved in value-addition, in producing jewellery using the semi-processed gemstones, have shown their willingness to provide full time employment opportunities to those trainees.

Trainees practicing Semi-processing Gemstones

Trainees practicing Semi-processing Gemstones