The project “Connecting 1,500 Women and Young Girls to the Export Market”, where the owner of this project is the Office of the First Lady of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, CAWEE is identified as the lead implementing organization.

What makes this project unique from the rest of the other projects is the mix of its project partners, where concerned government offices, women owned SMEs targeting high end domestic as well as export markets, associate partners (Women's Commercial Bank: Enat Bank, Kuriftu Ethiopian Cultural Village, Associations of Women Entrepreneurs, etc.). The project was able to attract multiple development partners and donors, like: UNDP Ethiopia, Governments of Canada and Japan, World Vision Ethiopia and others.

Major Tasks That Have Already Started To Be Accomplished

1. Identifying and securing project partners and associate partners,   
2. Official launch of the project on February 2014,   
3. First round of technical skills training for the project was launched on July 2014   
4. In the process of connecting the trainees to markets, some of the sectors have started feeding each other (spinners providing to weavers, knitters, to those involved in dyeing, etc.)
5. In connecting the trainees to the existing export market through women involved in SMEs and other sells outlets, encouraging results are achieved (trained women processing gemstones, spinning, weaving, hand knitting, etc.) are receiving orders from SMEs exporting companies,)   
6. Exporting SMEs are building their supply side capacity and are expanding their market base, in both domestic and export market outlets,   
7. Concerned development partners are taking initiatives to replicate the initiative taken by this project
8. Project under progress.